Number the Stars

What is Annemarie mostly scared of???????????????????????????????????


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Annemarie is always frightened they will be found out for helping the Jews and punished.


Number the Stars

Jill, this guy is an alias of our friend.

Thank you Aslan! I didn't catch it!

Was this the only one?

I think most of the Number the Stars Stuff is in the last while.

Thank you, then I only answered this one. I didn't realize he'd chosen a new novel.

Yes, if you look through there is stuff about playing baseball....the usual .

Of course there is...... :-D

Why're you guys not answering my friend's question?

Yeah...why? Are you too stupid to do it? Yeah, I guess they're not smart.

Jill and Aslan are stupid.

Jill and Aslan sitting in a tree, k-I-s-s-I-n-g. First comes love, then comes the marriage and the baby carriage!


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Annemarie is fraghtend by the Nazi Soliders and the The Nazi Soliders can take Ellen away. + (Lol) Aslan & Jill The other guys R right