Number the Stars

Number the Stars

What do you think Mrs. Job nsen meant when she said it may all have been for nothing when she saw the dropped parcel

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As Annemarie helps Mama back to the house, she notices a packet on the porch. Mr. Rosen was supposed to give the packet to Uncle Henrik, but he must have dropped it. Mama explains that the packet is essential to the rescue’s success, and Annemarie must bring it to Uncle Henrik before the boat departs. The packet explains the first group of people will get to the harbor, where Henrik will ferry them across to Sweden on a fishing boat. Twenty minutes later, Mama will do the same for the Rosens, and so on, until all of the refugees have reached safety. Annemarie hides the packet in a lunch basket and runs through the woods to avoid the German patrol. She tells herself the story of Red Riding Hood to keep herself calm.