Number the Stars

name two main characters

Number the stars

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Annemarie Johansen

Annemarie is a ten-year-old girl living in Copenhagen, Denmark with her family in 1943. Annemarie enjoys running, fairy tales, and spending time with her best friend, Ellen Rosen. Although her younger sister Kirsti sometimes bothers her, Annemarie does her best to be a good older sister. When Ellen, who is Jewish, finds herself in danger from the Nazis, Annemarie must help her escape to safety.

Ellen Rosen

Ellen is Annemarie's best friend. She is talented great actress and dedicated student - she has to be, because her father is a teacher. Ellen is kind to everybody and is like a sister to Annemarie and Kirsti. However, her life changes after the Germans occupy Denmark because Ellen and her family are Jewish. They must escape to Sweden to avoid persecution, and are able to do so with the help of their longterm friends, the Johansens.