Number the Stars

How might the Johansen's answer the Focus Question on page 12? How does this answer compare to yours?

It means "Would you be willing to risk your life for another person? Under what circumstances might you take this risk?" I have no idea, and I really need help.

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Although, I have no access to the Focus Questions cited above, this question is rather simple to understand. You might, however, have difficulty answering based upon your own experiences. You need to think about the questions as they're presented..... would you put yourself in danger for someone else? A family member, your best friend, a beloved pet, a stranger....? If you would put yourself in danger, what would the circumstances be? Someone in your family is threatened, a friend is in trouble, your pet runs into a busy street. This questions relates directly to your willingness to possibly sacrifice yourself for the good of someone else. I hope this helped to clarify your question.