Number the Stars

how long is mama supposed to be gone? how long is she actually gone

i think its an 1hour and and 1 1/2

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At two-thirty in the morning, Mama leaves to escort the Rosens to the harbor. Each of the Rosens hugs Annemarie goodbye, and Ellen fiercely promises that she will come back one day. Now, Annemarie is all alone in Uncle Henrik’s house. She waits anxiously for Mama to return, calculating how long it will take her to walk the winding path to the harbor. Although she is anxious, Annemarie eventually falls asleep. When she wakes up, it is after four in the morning and the sun is starting to rise. Annemarie looks all around the house but Mama still has not returned. She looks outside and sees Mama lying on the ground at the entryway to the path.