No Longer at Ease

What are/were Obi's morals and ideals in the book?

Before Obi's downfall, assess his morality and ideals and how they changed afterwards.

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Obi’s background, the legacy of colonialism, and his own character and choices shape his identity. He comes from a heritage that values community, loyalty, and tradition, but moves away from those things. He takes a stand on some things, such as not accepting bribes and staying with Clara, but proves unable to sustain those commitments. He is weak, prideful, and ignorant. He is full of excuses for himself, and even in his moment of clarity that he thinks he has, does not truly get at the root of his inaction, his lack of a moral center. By the time the novel comes to a close, Obi's growth as a character appears limited, if visible at all. He claims to not want to take bribes anymore, but his identity is still nebulous. It is unclear where he will go after this, as he has no great passion, no great goals or strong beliefs.