No Longer at Ease

Discuss no longer at ease as a post colonial novel?

post-colonial element in the novel

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Undoubtedly, many of the problems confronting Obi Okonkwo arise from his uneasy situation in the space between a diminishing colonialism and an emerging Nigerian nation. The major conflict of No Longer At Ease is the fact that Obi Okonkwo, the protagonist of the novel, is caught between two worlds: that of a traditional Africa and that of a changing and new world that lives amidst two cultures: the English and the African. A young man is caught in between tradition and the ways of the West in his homeland, toward the end of a colonial reign; he is entrapped in the dialectic of difference and identity. Obi finds that he cannot completely dissociate himself from the colonial culture which he has inherited from his father, nor can he totally identify with the Igbo culture of his ancestors. Obi got into this conflict because of the education he has received in England. It is the higher education he has received that put Obi in a position where he is ′no longer at ease′.


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