No Exit

Why does the valet's bell not work consistently?

In the play, No exit by Sartre, why do you think the valet bell doesn't work consistently? Is this to give false hope to the character and a form of torture?EE

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GARCIN: What? You're going? [The VALET goes up to the door.] Wait. [VALET looks around.] That's a bell, isn't it? [VALET nods.] And if I ring, you're bound to come?

VALET: Well, yes, that's so--in a way. But you can never be sure about that bell. There's something wrong with the wiring, and it doesn't always work. [GARCIN goes to the bell-push and presses the button. A bell purrs outside.]

I think the bell is really only rings when the Valet wants it to.