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Disscuss the german method of opertaion in other words, how did they carry out their plans to eliminate the jewish people?

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Certainly it would be called a systematic form of "ethnic cleansing". The Nazis tried to exterminate the Jews while using them as slave labour. THese involved massive concentration camps where people were systematically used and killed.

THere are so many quotes to draw from but consider Moshe's warning in chapter one,

"He [Moishe] told me what had happened to him and his companions. The train with the deportees had crossed the Hungarian border and, once in Polish territory, had been taken over by the Gestapo. The train had stopped. The Jews were ordered to get off and onto waiting trucks. The trucks headed toward a forest. There everybody was ordered to get out. They were forced to dig huge trenches. When they had finished their work, the men from the Gestapo began theirs. Without passion or haste, they shot their prisoners, who were forced to approach the trench one by one and offer their necks. Infants were tossed into the air and used as targets for the machine guns."(1.29-31)