Why is Elizer angry with his father and why is he ashamed/

Night Book. Chapter 8

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At the camp the prisoners are counted as usual and told to go to the showers. However, they are so weak that it is difficult for the guards to get them to move. Eliezer's father goes over to a pile of snow with his son and tells him that he can no longer go on. Eliezer is enraged that his father is ready to die after having survived for so long, and he argues with him for a long time not to stay in the snow. When the sirens go off, Eliezer is driven to the blocks, and everyone immediately falls asleep in the beds, without even paying attention to the cauldrons of soup.

In the morning Eliezer remembers that he has to look for his father. Part of him wants to forget about his weak, burdensome father, and he feels ashamed at these thoughts. Eliezer looks for his father for hours and finally finds him in the coffee line. His father is feverish and is unbelievably grateful when Eliezer brings him a cup of coffee. Later on, Eliezer's father tells him that the guards are refusing to feed the sick because they think they will die soon anyway. Eliezer unwillingly gives him the rest of his soup and realizes that he is no better than Rabbi Eliahou's son.