what role did moshe the beadle play in eliezer's life

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Moshe the Beadle was a mentor to Eli. A poor, humble man who works at the Hasidic synagogue in Sighet, Moché is well-liked by all the townspeople. He helps Eliezer to study the cabbala, and he teaches him that it is more important to ask God the right questions than to try to find the right answers. Early in the war, Moché is deported to Nazi concentration camps because he is a foreigner. He manages to escape and tries to warn the townspeople of the horrors of the Holocaust. They ignore him and think he's mad. I think Eli sees the flaws in his own people by the way Moshe is treated. The insular stubbornness of the town, by not heeding his warnings, lead to much suffering, death and destruction.


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Moishe The beadle was a mentorto Eli.A poor, humble manwho works at the Hasidic synogouge in Sighet.Moishe is very much trusted be the people.He helps Eli study Kabbala,and teaches that it is important to ask right questions &and to find right awnser.Early in the war, Moishe was deported to Nazi Cocencration camp in Auschitz for being a forgeiner.He manages to escape and tries to warn people about the horrors in Holocaust.They ignore him and think he is crazy.He escapes leaving the town fully aware of the nightmare that was about to begin...


Night...Elie Wiesel

Role model, some one he looked up to