what is the answer Chapter 6, p. 85-97

79. What happens to the violinist, Juliek, when the prisoners enter the barracks at Gleiwitz

80. During their time as prisoners, the Wiesels have had many close calls with death. What close call occurs on the train when they leave Gleiwitz?

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When they finally arrive at Gleiwitz, they are crowded into barracks, and Eliezer feels like he is going to be suffocated by the mass of people lying on top of him. People are crushing each other to death because it is so crowded.

Juliek plays beautiful music for the prisoners. The music is so pure amidst the silence of the night, and Juliek puts his whole self and being into his music, which is only heard by an audience of dead and dying men. The next morning he finds Juliek dead and his violin crushed.