What do prisoners scream in the cattle wagon?

When bing transferd to buchnwald

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I think it is for water.

its Not Fo Mercy?

I thought it was water but I'll dig up my book.

Page 93: "You're crushing me..... have mercy."

"mercy" is mentioned 3 times on page 93 in Chapter 7, on the way to Buchenwald



I saw that too but aren't they marching when that quote happens and not in the cattle car?

it's actually it's when they arrive in the barracks. I've gone through the entire chpater twice..... that's all I could come up with.

At the end of this brief section, all the prisoners start imitating the death cry of one of the prisoners. The initial noise"the cry of a wounded animal"spreads to the entire train and indicates how ready the prisoners are to die. As Wiesel writes, "All limits had been passed. No one had any strength left. And again the night would be long." Life is no longer something that Eliezer and the other prisoners want to fight for; instead, it has become a painful, burdensome existence that they simply want to be free of. No one has any strength left to live, which, however, does not translate into any active desire to die. Instead, they wish passively for the Nazis to put them out of their misery. However, the Nazis probably realize that it is much more torturous to keep the prisoners alive rather than to kill them immediately.


Page 103;

"Suddenly a cry rose in the wagom, the cry of a wounded animal. Someone had just died.

Others close to death, imitated his cry. And their cries seemed to come from beyond the grave. Soon everybody was crying."


Night; Chapter 7