Section 1

describe Moshe the Beadle?

where did Ellie Wiesel spend his childhood?

how old is Ellie at the end of 1941?

why did Eli's pray and why did he cry when he prayed?

what happened to Moshe in the beginning of section 1?

explain how Moshe has changed?

upon his return what story did Moshe tell?

why didn't the people believe Moshe's story?

what do you think Moshe means when he tells Ellie father request permits to Palestine so that the family can live in sighet?

how do the people of sighet feel about the Germans at first?

what is viewed as the "deaths head"?

why were the Jews forced to live in the ghettos?

what was the bad news that Ellie's father had to tell the people of the ghetto communities?

why did the citizens resist the truth even when it was right in front of them?

how does Ellie describe the ghetto once the people had been deported?

describe the scene of leaving the ghetto?

whom does Ellie first begin to hate and why?

what are the conditions like inside the cattle wagon?

where was the train when Ellie replied "our eyes were opened too late"?

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Moshe was Elie's tutor, and a caretaker of the synagogue in Sighet, Transylvania where Elie grew up.

Please ask your questions separately.



How did Moishe change?

explain how moishe has changed