the question in chapter 7

Describe the conditions of the prisoners on the train. what is the motivation of those who throw bread into the car? what effect does the bread have on the prisoners?

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nside the train bodies, both dead and alive, are tangled up in each other. Eliezer feels indifferent to everything, including death. Eliezer's father is near him, but does not respond to his call and seems dead. When the train stops, SS officers order that corpses be thrown out of the car. Two men begin to throw Eliezer's father out of the train, but Eliezer revives him by slapping him viciously and screaming desperately in his face. Twenty bodies are thrown out of the wagon. The prisoners travel for ten days, eating only snow. Day is like night.

Once, some German workmen begin throwing bread into the car and stand around watching as the prisoners tear each other to death for scraps. Desperate for food, the prisoners behave like wild beasts. This is entertainment for the men who throw the bread.