What are the first " human words" that Elie hears at the camp, and who says them?

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Wiesel is referring to the words spoken by an SS Officer on his first night in Auschwitz. For him, the words were a kind of prayer.... words meant to conteract the dehumanizing acts of their wardens.

Comrades, you're in the concentration camp of Auschwitz. There's a long road of suffering ahead of you. But don't lose courage. You've already escaped the gravest danger: selection. So now, muster your strength, and don't lose heart. We shall all see the day of liberation. Have faith in life. Above all else, have faith. Drive out despair, and you will keep death away from yourselves. Hell is not for eternity. And now, a prayer -- or rather, a piece of advice: let there be comradeship among you. We are all brothers, and we are all suffering the same fate. The same smoke floats over all our heads. Help one another. It is the only way to survive. Enough said. You're tired. Listen. You're in Block 17. I am responsible for keeping order here. Anyone with a complaint against anyone else can come and see me. That's all. You go to bed. Two people to a bunk. Good night.

- Page 39



Comrades, you are now in the concentration camp Auschwitz. Ahead of you lies a long road paved with suffering.” Is this quote an example of imagery, metaphor, simile, or personification?