describe two non family members in auschwitz how do they advance the narrative 

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Juliek is a Polish violin player in the musician's block at Buna. He later reappears at Gleiwitz when Eliezer discovers that he is lying on top of him in the incredibly crowded barracks. He plays Beethoven soulfully in the night. He is a light of compassion and sorrow through music. He advances the narrative by giving respite and beauty to the prisoners. Unfortunately gentleness and beauty does not last long in these camps. 

Rabbi Eliahou is very devout, pure, and well-liked rabbi who appears after the run to Gleiwitz. He is looking for his son, who had been with him for three years in the concentration camp, because they had gotten separated during the run. Eliezer realizes that the son had consciously tried to get away from his father because he no longer wanted the responsibility of looking out for another human being. Even family bonds are broken in these camps.