Chlomo Wiesel

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Eliezer's father (Chlomo Wiesel)

Eliezer's father is very respected within the Jewish community of his hometown, and he spends most of his time occupying himself with community affairs. He is a member of the Jewish Council, which is the first group to hear about deportation, and he refuses to try to escape the country. In the concentration camps, he and Eliezer take care of one another. A fifty-year-old man, he is becoming increasingly weak and dried up, and he finds it harder than Eliezer to escape the abuse of concentration camp life. On the last march to Gleiwitz, he becomes very weak and sick, and at Buchenwald he catches a deadly case of dysentery. He dies on January 29, 1945, after an SS officer shatters his skull with a truncheon. His last word is a whispered "Eliezer."