Many characters in Night are transformed into brutal savages due to the inhumane treatment they experience. Does Elie himself escape this fate? Does he remain morally and spiritually in tact or does he become a bestial creature? Explain and support your v

Explain and support your views with specific quotes/ action.

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Although he has thoughts of just letting his father die, he continues to maintain his good conscience. Other prisoners go on killing rampages just for a piece of bread or some extra soup. It may be because they are packed away like animals in train cars, it could also be that they simply only care for themselves, but it is obvious that Elie is not like those people. He wants to share his food, and keep his father alive with him as long as possible. This is shown in Section 7, when gravediggers are looking for dead bodies to bury, “ ‘Father! Father! Wake up. They’re going to throw you outside’ … ‘No!’ I yelled. “He’s not dead! Not yet!’ “