jot down any sentences or pharses that stand out to you as poetic, vivid, beautiful, ugly, or just plain memorable. this time try to choose ones that you think speak to the author's writting style?

page 82 to 115 novel night

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We were not afraid. And yet, if a bomb had fallen on the blocks, it would have claimed hundreds of inmates’ lives. But we no longer feared death, in any event not this particular death. Every bomb that hit filled us with joy, gave us renewed confidence. (4.149-152)

I really like this one.It really illustrates his state of mind.

We had already lived through a lot that night. We thought nothing could frighten us anymore. But his harsh words sent shivers through us. The word "chimney" here was not an abstraction; it floated in the air, mingled with the smoke. It was, perhaps, the only word that had a real meaning in this place. He left the barrack. (3.111-114)

This one shows Ellie's practical thoughts as well as the horror that fills his imagination.