In the book " night " by Elie Weisel :

9. Describe life in the ghetto. Why diid people think this was a good thing ?

10. What excuse did the Gestapo tell the jews was the reason for leaving the ghetto?

11.Who was knocking on the sealed window the night the family was told about leaving the ghetto ? what was his message ?

12. How do the Gestapo treat the Jews before their evacuation? give examples.

13. Where was Eli's family going to be moved to ?

14. What has been left behind in the small ghetto ? What does that tell about their departure ?

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You need to submit your questions separately . I'll take your first one here. The ghetto was thought to be safe. At least they were still with their families and life went on. Some Jews thought the Nazis wanted to steal things from their houses until they were invited to go back.

What does Elie's father say about humanity