i have about55questions about the book 'night' and i need help really bad/: ,can someone help me?

1.What terrible though came to Elie's mind? As a result, what prayer did Elie make to his God, Lord of the universe?

2.Why did "death" no longer need help of the guards?

3.What was the name of the new concentration camp?

4.What musical instrument did Juliek play?

5.While laying in the shed, trying not to be crushed beneath the bodies of other prisoners, what strange thing did Elie hear?


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1.) He remembers the Rabbi's son running forward and leaving his father behind. As a result, Eliezer utters a prayer that God will never let him be so cruel to his own father.

2) Death came from sleep, sleeping in the snow and dying as a result didn't need help from the guards.

3) Gleiwitz

4) Violin

5) He hears the violin – Juliek is playing Beethoven




So, can anyone help me with some more please?..

Chapter 6:

7.Whatever happened to Juliek and his violin?

8.During Selection, what happened to Elie's father?

9.How did Elie rescue him?

10.Upon leaving the camp, what type of train cars did the prisoners ride in? is it..the passenger carts..or something like that?..

Chapter 7:

11.Where does the train stop?

12.Why? What were the prisoners instructed to do?

7) Julian is dead; his violin lays crushed beside him.

8) Elie's father is put in line on the left, which means he's being sent to his death.

9) Elie sneaks into his father's line and then takes him back into the line on the right during the confusion caused by the separation of the men.

10) They're in box cars.

11) I'm not sure where the train stops; their final stop is Buchenwald.

12) When they stop along the way, they do so to remove the dead bodies from the train cars in order to make room for those who are still living.



what about 13 thru 24?

13.Why were the "living" happy?

14.How did Elie save his father?

15.How many days and nights passed in the cattle car on the way to the new destination?

16.What did the men in the cattle car fight over?

17.How old was Elie at the time?

18.Who was Meir Katz? Describe him please?

19.What purpose does he serve in this narration?

20.What is happening that causes Elie to believe they cannot hold out?

21.What is the "death rattle" Elie describes?

22.Upon reaching their destination, how many of the hundred men who had started the journey in Elie's train car were able to get out?

23.What happened to Meir Katz?

24.What was the name of their new destination?

Hey Megan, you would probably be better off to break up some of the questions and re-post them. In any case, I'll take the first two.

1. This depends where in the book you mean but in the camp there was merely two states of being, life or death. Simply remaining alive was a successful day.

2. Eli saves his father in a few places in the book. One is When Elie's father is sent to the left to die with the weak. Elie, who is in the work line, creates a ruckus and in the confusion both Eli and his father are able to sneak back into the workers line.

what do you mean break some of the questions up and re-post them?

You need to re-post them separately. Take a few and ask in separate posts, not like 15 questions in the same e-mail post as you have been doing.