I desperately need help with these last questions. Please help

These questions are found on pgs 93-109

1. Why had so many prisoners died during the night?

2. Why did the train stop in the middle of a deserted field?

3. Why did the train stopping make prisoners so happy?

4. How long was the journey?

5. What did elie do that made him feel "ashamed forever"?

6. What was most likely the major contributing factor in elie's father's death?

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1. They were piling the dead on top of the living; the living were slowly suffocating for lack of air.

2. The stopped in the field to throw the dead off the train.

3. They were happy because there would be more room on the train without the dead.

4. They traveled for 4 nights............ so they arrived on the 5th day.

5. When he couldn't find his father, he suddenly thought that if he didn't find him he'd be relieved of the responsibility to look out for him, and he could focus all of his strength on taking caring of himself.......... it was a momentary though that would make him feel ashamed forever.

6. dysentery