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1.What is Elie’s father’s profession? Explain his position in the Jewish community.

2.How does the rest of the community react when he tells them what has happened to him?

3. With an ironic tone, Wiesel says, “Besides, people were interested in everything—in strategy, in diplomacy, in politics, in Zionism—but not their own fate” What does he mean?

4.Name the decrees (laws) the Germans put into place

5.How could the Jews of Sighet have possibly escaped from the Germans?

6.How does Elie feel as he watches the procession of deportees?

7. On what day of the week is the family expelled and why is this ironic?

8.Why do you suppose no one tries to escape?

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Elie Wiesel's father is a businessman who owns a grocery store in Sighet. He is highly respected by the community.

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