Describe life in the ghetto when the narrator's family is first relocated there.

I'm a bit confused with this question because I'm not exactly sure what it's asking. I'm assuming it's referring to the 'Big' ghetto. But wasn't their house already IN the big ghetto? If so, then they weren't necessarily "relocated" there. Well, I'd appreciate it if anyone could answer this for me. Thanks!

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Eliezer initially lived in the large ghetto, but his family was moved to the smaller ghetto prior to what they believed was going to be simply deportation;

"The next day, his family is moved from the large ghetto to the small one. Eliezer feels nothing as he looks at the house he grew up in, but his father begins to weep. At this point Eliezer begins to hate his oppressors, and he calls his hate the only thing that still connects him to them today.

In the little ghetto, which is unguarded, people try to remain upbeat. Eliezer's family moves into the house formerly occupied by his uncle's family, and everything is in disarray, as if people were suddenly and unexpectedly driven out. An old, non-Jewish servant named Martha comes to visit and tries to get the family to escape and hide in her village. Eliezer's father refuses to go and tells Eliezer he can go if he wants to. Eliezer refuses to leave his family, and they all remain in the ghetto."