cite one instance where Elie Wiesel describes those in charge of the camp as acting like animals-explain what he means

example from the book that he thinks the ones in charge of camp as acting like animals and why

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At one point Elie catches Idek ,the Kapo, having sex with a Polish girl (probably raping her). Idek is angry for being seen and takes his wrath out on Elie,


I stepped forward.

"A crate!" he ordered.

They brought a crate.

"Lie down on it! On your belly!"

I obeyed.

I no longer felt anything except the lashes of the whip.



It was over. I had not realized it, but I had fainted. I came to when they doused me with cold water. I was still lying on the crate. In a blur, I could see the wet ground next to me. Then I heard someone yell. It had to be the Kapo. I began to distinguish what he was shouting:

"Stand up!"