4 passages that demonstrate kindness of a character

the book night and list page # please

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1. My father’s view was that it was not all bleak, or perhaps he just did not want to discourage the others, to throw salt on their wounds:

"The yellow star? So what? It’s not lethal …(pg 74)

2. Hey, kid, how old are you?"

The man interrogating me was an inmate. I could not see his face, but his voice was weary and warm.


"No. You’re eighteen."

"But I’m not," I said. "I’m fifteen."

"Fool. Listen to what I say."

Then he asked my father, who answered:

"I’m fifty."

3. "No." The man now sounded angry. "Not fifty. You’re forty. Do you hear? Eighteen and forty." (Chapter 3 )

4. The Kapo beats Elizer in the warehouse. A French girl is kind to him, she gives him bread and tells him to not give up hope. (chapter 4)