1. When the French woman comforts Eliezer earlier in the story, she says, “Keep your anger, your hate, for another day, for later. The day will come but not now…Wait. Clench your teeth and wait…” How has Eliezer done this with his life?

I would like it to be a minimum of 5 complete sentences and include examples from the text.

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Eliezer has done this simply be surviving. He held his anger and he took care of his father. He used his anger to find the strength needed to get through every single day. Without strength he would have caved in and been sent to his death; without Eliezer's strength his father would have done the same. Eliezer's day came when he was able to put it to paper, when he finally saw that God was not dead, and when he finally understood that he had survived. He clenched his teeth, and when the day came for him to speak he roared........ quietly and distinctly.