Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America

What types of things does Ehrenreich mention in her disclaimer?


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Ehrenreich mentions her good health, her means of transportation, and the fact that she did not have children in tow already set her apart from the prototypical low-wage single mother. Her being white and a native English speaker led her to avoid certain locales—like New York and L.A.—where the working class is predominantly non-white and where “a white woman with unaccented English seeking entry-level jobs might only look desperate or weird.” Perhaps more important, psychologically Ehrenreich was playing a wholly different ballgame than that of her low-wage co-workers. She wasn’t working for the money; she was working as research. “I went home every day not to anything resembling a normal domestic life,” she notes, “but to a laptop on which I spent an hour or two recording the day’s events.”