Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America

what advantages did the author have over others?

in the intro to the book the author states, "Unlike many low wage workers, i have the further advantages of being white and a native english speaker.' How and why were these two facets of Ehrenrich's identity advatageous over the full duration of her study

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Many of the low wage workers she studied were illegal immigrants of color. Ehrenrich was born in a place of advantage simply by being born a white American woman who spoke English. Ehrenrich represented the white middle class who the "American Dream" was given to simply by birthright.

Yes. The author is highly educated (Ph.D. in biology) and was raised by an upper-middle-class family. She spoke English fluently, has a care, and could wear "stylish" hair and make-up (though minimal). She was over-educated for the jobs she worked and worked as a "researcher" rather than as a "typical employee". These factors were advantageous.