Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America

describe what happend during barbaras perfect storm

it can be anything just has to be specific

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Ehrenreich returns to the subject of Jerry’s—and in particular George, who, while seeming not to understand what kind of trouble he was in the first few days after the incident, now seems “listless” and “looks like the ghost we all know him to be, with dark half-moons hanging from his eyes.” Ehrenreich promises herself to give him all her tips that night, but a “perfect storm” of customers descends on Jerry’s, and in the mad rush of it all Ehrenreich forgets to honor that promise. Through with low-wage work in Key West, Ehrenreich gives the key to her trailer to Gail and arranges for her deposit to be transferred to her. “I never found out what happened to George,” she concludes.