New Moon

What do you think about New Moon?

I just finished reading it... and wanted someone to discuss the book with! Anyone out there have any thoughts?

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Well.... I definitely don't think it was as good as Twilight! I missed Edward _so much_ the whole time. Couldn't Meyer have brought him back on page 125 instead of fricking page 452! It's just not right! Unfortunately I saw Twilight the movie before reading New Moon, and had the mental picture of Taylor Lautner in my head for Jacob Black, and I'm sorry, but Rob Pattinson is pretty much a million times hotter than that mental picture of Jacob.

Not only was Edward missing the whole time, but Bella was depressed the whole time, and reading a book about someone who is depressed is frankly, depressing.

That said, the last hundred or so pages were great -- full of vampires and I loved the mission to Volterra. Awesome. And the vote scene at the end is great, as is the hope of Bella being turned by Edward sometime in the future. Oh and the marriage proposal :) Too much good stuff packed in at the end... Starting Eclipse now.

new moon is lyk waii beta den twilight ....i meen has any1 seen de previews...its said dat edward is gonna be seen more in the movie.....yesh

i've read all de books just want to watch it.... new moon is were he leaves her but den at the end dey reunite ...... eclipse is wen victoria goes after her and treis to kill her but cant becose she has lyk freken meen as backups....jacobs clan n de cullen clan .......

yeah..its really a very good series..its where edward left bella and bella got upset with herself because of the consequences shes in.and the fact that she couldnt live without edward push her to get along with jacob most of the time.

New Moon was my least favorite book out of the series because Edward wasn't there but I completely understand why. If Edward never left, all four books in the series would have had the same basic plot and would get kinda redundent. I also really love the relationship growth between Jacob and Bella.

I was reading Meyers discussion thing on New Moon, and sounds to me- Edward had to leave. Even though it isnt as good without him.. which is totally obvious why... but you almost get an appreciation for Jacob (it took me twice to find it) now i really like jacob- (until the 4th) but he sticks through with loving Bella. He never takes no for an answer and that shows that he really does care and love Bella. I think that is part of the reason that Bella likes him so much!

I love how Jacob was always the one doing the rebelious stuff with her- that in the back of bella's mind edward was objecting to- i think that can show a lot about the two characters. Because Jacob always ended up saving her- and cared for her- but wasnt as over barring as Edward was at times. But then again- on the Edwards point of view- he wasnt as directly protective- he didnt eliminate the chance before the problem occured.

Jacob sucks

Jacob is awesome. I love Jacob.


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