Never Let Me Go

What are two important passage (25-50 lines) in this novel?

what is their significance/larger meaning?



Please help!! this is a very important project and i really need help... i find this book quite boring, i read it though... i probably dont like this book because i dont get its larger meaning... so please help me with this assignment!


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Kathy and her friends are well aware that their life is different than their clone models. Their models enjoy freedom, making plans, and a future. Kathy and her friends are merely spare parts: that is their destiny. 

One big idea behind finding your model was that when you did, you'd glimpse your future. Now I don't mean anyone really thought that if your model turned out to be, say, a guy working at a railway station, that's what you'd end up doing too. We all realised it wasn't that simple. Ch 12