Never Let Me Go

How does the novel help us reflect on our own lives?.

Kazuo Ishiguro creates a world in which gives us the opportunity to reflect on our own lives. What would be examples, similarities and differences?.

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This is largely a thematic question. I like the theme of "Free Will". Free will

The clones are unable to change their fates as organ donors, but their lack of free will affects many other elements of their lives as well. For example, Ruth never achieves her dream of working in an office, and Kathy gets precious little time with Tommy. Ishiguro is ambiguous about where this lack of free will comes from––because Ruth never tries to work in an office, we never learn whether her unhappy life is due to the system or her own lack of initiative. So, similarly many of us choose not to better ourselves convinced that our destiny lies in the status quo or mediocrity.