Nervous Conditions

why was tambu not sorry for her brother's death?


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Her reasons, many and varied, but mostly to do with her brother's arrogance, interference — at one point, he steals her maize —, chauvinism and teasing, are expounded over the next three chapters, culminating in a cold description of his death.


She was not sorry for her brothers death because of many reasons but mostly because her brothers death gave her an opportunity to a greater future,this would allow her to make something better of her life not just cooking,cleaning and taking care of her family like she was expected to because that was what a women was expected to do in her community but for her to work,make money,and become succesful.


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She did not feel sorry because her brother was against her on her desire of attending school, she told her that she can not be educated because she is a woman and he also stole her maize that she was plan to sell in order to fund her studies.


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