Nervous Conditions

Why is Tash nervous?

Linda is very busy during the week.

She works at a restaurant and studies at TAFE.On the weekend Linda likes to spend time with her two daughters. Mary is 6 and Tash is 4.

They have been planing their holiday since the beginning of the year. Next week they are flying to coins. This will be the first time linda and the girls have been on a plane. Tash is a bit nervous. They are looking forward to snorkeling and staying in a hotel. Mary and Tash have been saving for the holiday. Every week they put $10 into a tin. They are packing on the weekend and leaving on Monday.

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I'm sorry, this is a short-answer literature forum designed for text specific questions. We are unable to assist students with other subjects.

In answer to your question.... Tash is nervous because she's never been on a plane before.