Nervous Conditions

who was lucia

nervous conditions

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Tambu's aunt, who is married to Takesure. Because Lucia does not conform to the pure, chaste idea of womanhood, she is called a "whore " and a "witch." She is pregnant with Takesure's child but has also been having sex with Jeremiah, her sister's husband.

Lucia uses her wiles to get herself away from the homestead with Jeremiah and Takesure. She is six months pregnant when she gets to the mission, with the declared purpose of helping her sister give birth. But she asks for a job and gets it, and eventually enrolls herself in Grade One classes so that she might have some education, as well. This change in fortune is due to the very outspokenness that she is so often scolded for.


Lucia is Ma'Shingayi's sister and Tambu's Aunt, she is known by having an affair Takessure and Tambu's farther.She is brought to homestead to help Ma'Shingayi later she goes to the Mission house and ask for job to Babamakuru. She is an independent woman who don't take any nonsense from someone.


Nervous Condition