Native Son

how is Bigger is connected to everyone?

I need to know how Bigger is connected to his gang, the Daltons, Bessie, his mom, Buddy and Vera

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His Mom???? She's his mother.......... but they don't have a great relationship. Bigger's mom is very religious and tries to warn him that his actions don't bode well for his future.

Bigger's gang is his family, but he enjoys being in control. When his friends don't go along with his plans, Bigger taunts them; he says to them the things he'd like to say to himself. He is as afraid as they are....... but he can take his own fear and use it to bully them. He knows exactly what to do and say to them because he feels the same way. It's an abusive relationship.

Bessie is Bigger's girlfriend, but they aren't at all close. They really have no connection other than convenience. They both like having a "significant" other, but they don't want the ties that go with it.

Buddy looks up to his brother, although Bigger doesn't pay much attention to him. As minor characters neither Buddy or Vera have an important part in the plot. Vera, like Bigger is afraid all the time. And Buddy, well, if he really knew Bigger for what he was, I don't think he'd be using him as a role model.

Unfortuantely, as the novel pregresses Buddy becomes more and more like his brother; angry and antagonistic.


Native Son