Native Son

How does Mr. Max try to implicate Mr. Dalton as a contributor to Bigger's crime?

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When Max questions Mr. Dalton is questioned he asks how the man hired Bigger, how he received the kidnap note, and how he realized Bigger’s guilt when Bigger fled. He establishes the fact that blacks pay higher rent than whites for houses Mr. Dalton indirectly owns through stock. Then he asks Mr. Dalton why, when he gives millions of dollars to blacks for their education, does he charge over priced rent for rat-infested apartments?

The coroner objects to his questioning, but Max says if the coroner can question with impunity, so can he. Max then establishes that Mr. Dalton believes in segregation because it make money; it's profitable for him. Isolating blacks into one small area where there’s a shortage in housing allows him to charge such high rents.

These are the things Max uses to implicate Mr. Dalton as a contributor to Bigger's crime.


Native Son