Native Son

Explain and use qutes on how effective Boris Max's argument is in the courtroom.

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Max's defense is a soliloquy that is as passionate as it is misguided. After Buckley has roused the passions of the racist mob, Max decries the very racism and misplaced passion that fuel Buckley's unjust cries for "justice." Max argues that racism, fear and the feudal relationship of Bigger to his landlord Daltons have all mitigated Bigger's motive. Max hopes that the judge might look beyond race prejudice and take a step in the direction of a greater understanding of race in America. After making his case, Max tells Bigger that he did the best he could. I think Max's arguments only inflame the judge and jury against Bigger. They did not want to hear that they, as white people oppressing blacks, had an indirect hand in Bigger's crime.