Native Son

Briefly describe Mrs. Dalton. In what ways does her character represent the whites who want to help blacks? Why do you think she is portrayed as being blind?


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Mrs. Dalton is a sweet woman who wants to help everyone. She's very wealthy and her money serves to help a lot of people from all walks of life. Her blindness symbolizes that she helps people without bias..... evryone and everything is the same for her. A new couch is just somewhere to sit, a painting represents the arts, but what does it really matter to her....... the people who work for her on the other hand are real. She can't see them, but she knows them...... they work for her, they speak with her, and she doesn't have to see them to know if they're inteeligent, on time, or good workers. She is blind to bias, which in turn in supposed to signify that she is color blind in the world.