Native Son

Briefly describe how bigger is feeling when he lies on the pallet planning Bessie murder.

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Bigger's headlong rush towards his fate is not dampened when Bessie warns him that he will never be able to escape from the mobs and five thousand white police officers. And Bessie prophesies her own murder at Bigger's hands, adding that even if his confession of "accidental" homicide is valid, he will certainly be executed as a murderer/rapist. Bigger will be charged as the murderer/rapist of both Mary Dalton and his girlfriend, Bessie Mears, but it is his rape of Bessie that "proves" that he raped Mary. His brutal response to Bessie's foreshadowing brings an ironic sealing of his fate. When Bigger tells himself that he is entering a "new world," this foreshadowing is again, ironic. Certainly, Bigger is transforming into a "new person" living in a "new world," but the new worlds he will encounter are prison and the electric chair.