Native Son

Are the Daltons racist? explain?

using some text from the book explain why you think the Daltons are racist or not. explain your answer.

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The Daltons are full of shades of grey. They are not racist in the overt sense. Mrs. Dalton supports the NAACP and truly hopes for a better life for Bigger. Mr. Dalton does give to the NAACP and also hires Bigger as a driver. Mary Dalton finds Bigger more a novelty than anything else. He represents a bit of rebellion and "fun" for her. So, no the Daltons are not racist in the traditional sense yet they lack the understanding of who Bigger is and what his struggles are. Bigger is simply part of a black underclass that the Daltons choose to help. They really don't understand the reasons behind racism and the challenges faced by blacks in America nor do they try to. THey are rich, white and believe that their heart is in the right place.