Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

please i need the answer

1.where was douglass sent when he was a slave? why?

2. who was mr.covey?

3. what did mr. covey do make sure the slaves were working?

4. what happened to douglass one day when he fell down sick?

5. what did douglass decide to do after being beaten by mr.covey?

6. what did douglass's owner answer him?

7. who was jerkin? how did he help douglass?

8. what happened when mr.covey tried to beat douglass again?

9. what made douglass feel strong and free?

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1) As a boy? He was sent to Baltimore to work as a house boy.

2) Mr. Edward Covey is notorious as a slave “breaker.” He is Douglass’s keeper for one year.

3) He creeps around the field to spy on them

4) Covey beats him

5) He pretends to still be sick, but when Covey isn't looking he hobbles around; he doesn't allow the man to see he's improving. The he went to Mr. Auld to complain about Covey's treatment of him.

7) I don't recognize the name Jerkin

8) Douglas fought back. They had a two hour fight and Covey never touched him again

9) This I'm not sire about; I don't have the book here. I would guess that saving enough money to escape to New York, take a new name, and finally being truly free would have made him feel strong and free. Otherwise, if you're looking at his relationship with Covey, I'd have to go with winning the fight.