Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

How can you talk about slave mistresses in the narrative? give examples

the difference and similarity between male and female mastercy

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I believe I used this article for research when I answered this question before. I thought I had added information about the "mistresses" of the plantations, who of course, were the slaveholders wives. Check out the link below, it should help you formulate your answer.

Note, many plantation mistresses were known to be cruel, especially to female slaves who'd borne children to their husbands. These women were often treated cruelly or quickly sold, as were the children. Female slaveholders had no wish to keep the evidence of their husband's sexual behaviors around to remind them of their infedelity.


I'm not sure I understand this question. If you're still working on this......... please let me know.

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I mean the representation of female holders, the white mistresses depicted in the narrative, to make a comparission between the masters and the misteresses in slavery eras, I have to write a thesis about representations of white mastery in african american literature including the mistresses


mistresses in the slave narrative