what is the importance of journeys in greek mythology

what's the impotance of the journeys in geek mythology

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The hero goes on a quest in order to reach some sort of tangible goal. Oftentimes, the physical journey is a means by which the hero receives some form of enlightenment or solves some sort of questions that he or she faces before the journey commences. There are usually obstacles that heroes face before the end of the journey that test their physical and mental fortitude. Each obstacle serves as a lesson and peels away to the core issue being faced. Thus, journey in literature is a catalyst toward a hero's better understanding of his life and as a way to reveal what is truly important to other characters. Although journey is used to point out the greatness of a character, it can also illustrate that a hero many come in unexpected forms, even characters that may be considered physically weak. I took this excerpt from a site that I thought covers your question well. Please check it out at the source link below.