how does mythology influnces or inpact sikowanalize?

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I am assuming you mean psychoanalyze. Many mythical beings have been the basis for some psychological theories. For example, Freud hypothesized with his Oedipal complex for boys and Electra complex for girls that there is a time when young boys wish to displace their father in their mother's affections; in extreme examples of this idea, the young boy could wish to kill his father and take the father's place with the mother. This idea comes from the play Oedipus Rex in which the main character inadvertently kills his father and marries his mother.

Lordy! Okay......... I'm going to assume you know about the Oedipus Complex, and how Freud and Jung monopolized the study and application of myths as they related to dreams for years. Well, sikowanalize is a sort of phonetic transcription of "psycho analyze" ... and psychoanalysis is the study of human psychological functioning and behavior.

One of Freud's students, Otto Rank, later broke with Freud and his theory, taking it to a different level. Rank constructed a pattern or common plot for the male heroes we meet in myths. The focus of the plot is dominated by the parent's decision to kill their son at birth in order to thwart a given prophecy (look through mythology and this is indeed a common occurrence). The prophecy in question almost always decrees that the son, if allowed to be born and live, will eventually cause the death of or kill his father (sound familiar yet?). Without the parent's knowledge, the child is rescued and taken in by a third party....... grows up to find out his real identity (sometimes before and sometimes after his father is killed), and then takes his place as king or noble. A literal psychological interpretation would align this with Freud's theory of the Oedipus complex; it would perfectly fit his piece of the pattern that says the father's death allows the son sexual access to his own mother.

Today, contemporary psychoanalysts view myth as a contribution to what is considered normal development rather than to the perpetuation of neurosis. Myth encourages adjustment to our social and physical worlds rather than the past belief that it in fact induced childish flight from them. Currently, myth serves and is enjoyed by everyone, not just the crazies.

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