My Sister's Keeper

my sister keeper

was creating a "genetically engineered"

child ethical?

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Where can I find this quote in the book My Sister's Keeper?

"I didn't come to see Kate because it wuld make me feel better. I came because with out her, I don't know who I am."

There is no simple yes or no answer as to whether it was ethical to create a genetically engineered child in order to save a young girl's life, as arguments exist on both sides.

One could argue that it was ethical to genetically engineer Anna because doing so would lead to a positive consequence - saving her sister's life. Her parents had altruistic intentions when they chose to have Anna. In addition, one could argue from a utilitarian standpoint (where one favors the greatest pleasure for the least amount of pain) that creating Anna to help her sister would make many more people happy than it would cause pain, thus proving ethical.

On the other hand, however, we must consider whether it is ever ethical to create a person specifically to "use" them for someone else's benefit. Should life be brought into the world specifically for the purpose of helping someone else? This could be a slippery slope leading to people creating people for, for example, extra limbs or even a brain transplant. Additionally, we must consider the notion of autonomy, or the freedom to rule oneself, and if one is created with a purpose already in mind then we are perhaps limiting their freedom before they have a chance to make their own choices for their life. While one might argue that as a child Anna does not have the right to make her own choices to begin with, this level of determination is extreme and perhaps beyond the boundaries of the decisions parents can and should make for their children. We might also consider that the consequences to Anna of creating her specifically for the purpose of saving her sister (i.e. the emotional pain this may cause) might outweigh the benefit of saving her sister's life, thus making the decision to genetically engineer her for this purpose unethical.