My Antonia

What were some of they things Antonia and Jim learned in there life

Like did they hear a store or did they do something that made them realize they had to change.

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Each had a life they were content with, although they both seemed to have gone in opposite directions. Even though Antonia had endured a rough life that left her "a stalwart, brown woman, flat-chested…[with] hair a little grizzled", Jim still sees, within her eyes, the same vibrant young woman he had kept in his heart for years.

I felt that the ending was nice; though I do wish Antonia's life had been happier and provided much more for her. I think that Jim's unannounced appearance after a twenty-year absence proved the depth of his affections. I also feel that Antonia's immediate warm welcoming of him shows her inner feelings. Through the plans Jim made with Antonia's children we know that he will return to them again. It is nice to think of Jim now creating wonderful memories with Antonia's family, creating with them a bond that could prove to be as strong as the one he shared with Antonia.Check out this excerpt, it should help.