My Antonia

What is Jim Burden looking for when he goes back to Nebraska and what does he find ?

Book 4-5

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After graduating from Harvard two years later, Jim goes home for a visit before starting law school. I think Jim really wanted to find what happened to Antonia. He is told that "poor Ántonia" had a baby after Larry Donovan ran off and is now living at the farm with Ambrosch, where she is barely heard of. Jim is heartbroken that Ántonia is now an object of pity in the town. Jim goes to see Ántonia the next day and finds her looking strong and healthy, though a little wornout. She is only twenty-four. They walk across the fields together, and Jim feels the pull of the earth and wishes that he were little so he could just stay there forever. Jim tells Ántonia that he will return, and she says that even if he doesn't, she will still be able to feel his presence.